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When Relationships Matter ~ RETHINK, RELEARN, RESOLVE

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Our broad range of services can give you support for many conflict related situations. We offer free, confidential information and referral, and conflict intervention to community members. Review our list of services here, or give us a call so we can help match you up with what you need. 1-866-788-4412


Arbitration is a quasi-judicial process that is binding on both parties.

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Engage in dialogue and reach resolution. We offer Family and Civil mediation services

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Parenting Coordination

Parenting Coordination is a child centered dispute resolution process.

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Group Facilitation

Our neutral facilitators can help your group through difficult conversations, team building and more.

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Counselling & Conflict Coaching

Gain new perspectives, develop new skills and create strong personal boundaries.

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Custom Training

We develop and deliver a variety of customized training events.

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Learn more about communication, mediation, and services that we provide in the community.

5 Mar

Travelling at Spring Break?

Traveling with our relatives, friends, or family can make or break relationships. Sometimes things go sideways and tempers flare. Traffic, line-ups, and irritations will happen. Group holidays can also be exciting and fun. Here are a few tips to create a vacation that will be remembered for its fabulous destination, great food, and activities. Avoid […]

12 Aug
1 Aug

Why do We Need a Process like Mediation?

We have laws and courts to rule on right and wrong; why do we need a process like mediation? From childhood, we are taught that once a conflict becomes too hard for us to resolve, we should turn to an authority for a solution. As children, this authority was our parents or teachers who could […]

Conflict doesn't have to leave you stuck

Skilled mediators foster a change in perspective, increased understanding and the best possible outcome satisfactory for all parties, minimizing the pain and cost of disagreement. Explore this site to discover how Dialogue and Resolution Services can help you have the best conflict experience possible!

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Our mandate is to provide timely, affordable conflict management and communication services and education. We emphasize relationship building and cultural awareness and partner with other community organizations to address community issues through collaborative approaches.