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Community Workshops

Ongoing Program Offerings!

We continue to have lots of training opportunities for folks who want to build their communication skills and gain insight into social conflicts. Read on to learn more about our offerings:

We offer several workshop series:

Self-advocacy and Assertiveness for Seniors 4 part series $20/ session, $70/series

Presenters Amber Freer LLB and Susan Belford MA Con. Res.

Do you wish you could get across to others what you have to say? Does it sometimes seems like others aren’t listening? Are there important conversations you want to have with a caregiver, doctor or adult child?  Assertive Seniors is a four part workshop series designed to help develop effective communication and self-advocacy skills, while having fun.

Topics with include:

  • Active Listening
  • Self-Advocacy and Self Awareness
  • Assertive Communication
  • Putting it all together

Call our office at 250-383-4412 or toll free 1 (866) 788-4412 for more information about the next series dates.

Peaceful Co-parenting 4 part series $25/ session, $100/series*

Presenters: Tammy Van Hinte RCC, FMC Cert and Laura Hutcheson, Cert. Coach

Are you worried about how your separation is impacting your children?  Do you feel afraid that they are not getting a good model for how to make marriage work?  Do you feel helpless about how your children are being parented in the other home? Learn the skills you need to effectively co-parent!

This workshop series examines how to apply the best interests of the child to your life, and how to

  • Become aware of conflict patterns in your relationship with your co-parent
  • How to keep calm when conflict happens
  • How to communicate through conflict
  • Support your children to adjust to two homes and to thrive in this family structure

Registration Ongoing Call us at 250-383-4412 or toll free 1 (866) 788-4412

*    reduced rate for Dialogue and Resolution Services mediation and parenting coordination clients.

Register through our website at https://mydrs.ca/training/

Reconciliation: Journey of our Generation $50 full day workshop

Presenters: Cultural Connections

Due to positive community response, Dialogue and Resolution Services.is proud to sponsor a second Victoria presentation of this incredible workshop created and presented by Cultural Connections, exploring the history of Canada pre and post contact through the stories of Indigenous and non-Indigenous experiences. It generates a deep understanding within participants about the effects and impacts of colonization, the Indian Act, Canada’s policy of Assimilation, residential schools and explores the systemic differences between cultures. The workshop is experiential, allowing participants to become part of the story and work together to explore the meaning, process, and realities of reconciliation through two different world-views.

Cultural Connections has a story to share about reconciliation; its highs and lows, the emotions it stirs up and unimaginable gifts. The team will take you through the story of the first 145 years of Canada’s history and into the era of reconciliation. Participants will laugh, reconsider, reflect, deepen their understanding, maybe shed a tear, answer some tough questions and perhaps inspire a few new ones.

The Cultural Connections* Team is a group of Residential School Survivors, Inter-Generational Survivors, and Canadians. Each one of the team represents a part of this story, a part of the healing. Each is committed to creating a new journey for generations to come. Each is a professional in their field.

Friday Feb. 22  8:30 to 4:30, lunch provided Location: Pacific Opera's - Wingate Studio 925 Balmoral Road

Register through Event Brite at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/reconciliation-the-journey-of-our-generation-tickets-49099076660

Communicating through Conflict 9 part series $25/ session, $200/ full series

Presenters Brad Crewson Cert. Con. Res.  Roy Asselstine, MA Con. Man. Civil, Family Mediator, Syd Bergeron, BA and Mark Tuttle

Do difficult conversations end up as arguments? Does the art of assertiveness escape you? Do you have trouble getting your point across? Don’t get stuck trying to prove you are right—be effective with clear, collaborative communication techniques. Learn how to:

  • Choose a conflict style that fits the situation
  • Choose a conflict style that fits the situation
  • Set and maintain personal boundaries
  • Manage strong emotion
  • Listen actively
  • Assert yourself effectively
  • Understand power dynamics
  • Manage cultural differences
And much, much more!

Evenings: Tuesdays Jan.23 - Mar 20   6:00 pm to 8:30 pm     #102 2220 Sooke Road in Colwood (DRS Office)

Days: Tuesdays Jan. 22 - Mar 19 - includes extra practice sessions  at Island Community Mental Health Grow program, 125 Skinner Road, Victoria

Register through our website at https://mydrs.ca/training/

Our Workshops can help!!

To Register Call us at 250-383-4412 or toll free 1 (866) 788-4412

or View the workshop schedule here.

Feedback from participants:

The Effective Conflict Management & Communication workshops centered on our real life experiences – we did role playing and shared our personal experiences. Both activities were very valuable in applying the techniques we learnt in the classroom to real life experiences.

Thank you, South Island Dispute Resolution Centre; Victoria Foundation; and Gordon Head Rec for putting this course together and for all your time and effort in making this module available for everyone. I would also like to thank the Provincial Gaming Commission for providing the funding for my participation and Jodi for facilitating my course registration and making it possible for me to take this certification.

The workshops had excellent content and in-class activities that helped reinforce the theories around communication and conflict management. The instructors were there to support and to assist us. Our facilitators were very good at keeping it real and helping us get through the difficult issues we worked through

Didn't see the right workshop for you?

If you didn't see the right offering for you, or your organization, we also offer custom training.