Your donation to DRS Dialogue and Resolution Services Society will work directly to help members of the community who are in financial hardship receive necessary services.

For example:

  • $700 would purchase our video-conferencing platform, so necessary for helping clients who live far away
  • $600 – 800 could support a family through the one complete supported family mediation, re-entry mediation or youth reconnection dialogue process
  • $100 could support a person to receive one hour coaching or mediation
  • $50 covers one hour of a co-mediator’s time for re-entry mediation or youth reconnection dialogue process
  • $45 supports a person to take a workshop
  • $20 contributes to printing costs for workshop manuals

Charitable Registration Number: 132357419RR0001

DRS is not taking new clients. Sorry, we are able to respond to inquiries at this time.Like all good relationships, we are taking time to review our organization. We hope our existing information is useful to you.