Family Mediation Subsidy Fund

What is the Family Mediation Subsidy Fund?

This fund allows us to provide service to low income clients for family mediation, coaching, counselling or parent coordination at reduced cost, based on their income.

Why is this fund important?

This fund is important because families with low income and complex financial needs such as division of assets or debts cannot get free service elsewhere. The limited free service offered by the Province of British Columbia is only for parenting issues—not finances. And its only for separation—so families with other issues aren’t eligible.

This means that some families end up with their conflicts unfairly resolved, or not resolved at all—which has huge negative consequences for everyone in the family, but most particularly the children.

The DRS Dialogue and Resolution Services Family Mediation Subsidy Fund helps bridge the gap and allows low income families to get the help they need to build strategies that will work for the new realities of their family.  The fund is used to provide low income families with free mediation or generous subsidies through our Supported Family Mediation Service (SFMS). Families with some financial means receive a partial subsidy from the Fund and pay an affordable fee for our services, adjusted to their income.

How can I help?

Your generosity will build up our subsidy fund so that more low income families can access the services they need.

The subsidy fund needs $15,000 per year to provide free mediation to 20 families.

A gift of $600 will pay for one family mediation. $100 buys one hour of mediation, coaching or counselling for a family. Your support of $25 allows one person to attend communication training for 3 hours.


Charitable Registration Number: 132357419RR0001

How much should I donate?

Support a family to receive one hour of coaching, counselling or medation
Support one family through an entire medation plan
Support one person to attend 3 hours of communication training
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