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We offer a full range of mediation services for a many conflict scenarios including: family, community and commercial disputes.


Mediation is a useful option for many families in transition. Our professional conflict practitioners facilitate open, constructive conversations to help you create the right solutions that work for you and the other party (ies). Family mediation is appropriate for unresolved issues between siblings, in-laws, and other family matters as well as families going through transition who prefer not to go to court.


Parent Teen Mediation: for families experiencing difficulty communicating between parents and youth.

Youth Re-connection Dialogues: for youth aged or aging out of care to build relationship with estranged family members. See our projects page for more details. Also check out our Facebook page, and for young people age 18-24, please check out our survey

Elder Care Resolutions: for families with difficult decisions to make about caring for elder family members.

Re-entry Mediation: to help people newly released from prison collaboratively resolve conflicts with family members and make plans to support for their release. 


COMMUNITY MEDIATION                                                                                               


Mediation is  a useful tool for dealing with a variety of everyday community conflict issues, such as: Residential Disputes, Organizational Conflict, Strata Management, Neighbourhood Conflicts and more!



When you are not pleased with the outcome of a contract with your painter, plumber, renovation specialist, wedding planner, travel agent or other professional service provider, mediation may be an appropriate way for you to resolve the issue without hiring a lawyer or going to court.  Call us today to find out how!

Mediation Fee Subsidy Application is available upon request.