Family Mediation

We have a range of mediation services for families.

Mediation is helpful for many families going through separation and divorce; dealing with conflict between parents and teenagers; unresolved issues between adult siblings; elder care planning or other family matters. Our professional conflict practitioners facilitate open, constructive conversations to help you create the right solutions that work for you and the others involved. Mediation fees are typically shared equally by those involved. Subsidies based on income and assets are available. Free service is available through our Supported Family Mediation Services; Re-entry Mediation and Youth Reconnection Dialogue for families that qualify.

Supported Family Mediation Services

Supported Family Mediation Services (SFMS) is for families with low income who cannot otherwise access family mediation service

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Re~entry Mediation

Re-entry Mediation is designed to help people newly released from prison to collaboratively resolve conflicts with family members and make plans to support their release.

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Youth Reconnection Dialogue (YRD)

YRD is an opportunity for youth aging or aged out of government care to rebuild relationships with estranged family members.

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Separation and Divorce

Build co-parenting plans and divide assets in a way that ensures your childrens’ right to reasonable support while spending quality time with each parent.

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Elder Care Resolutions

Elder Care Resolutions is for families with difficult decisions to make about caring for elder family members

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Parent Teen Mediation

Parent Teen Mediation is for for families experiencing difficulty communicating between parents and youth

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