Re~entry Mediation

Re-entry Mediation provides up to 6 hours of free family mediation and is designed to help people newly released from prison to collaboratively resolve conflicts with family members and make plans to support their release.

Sometimes the issues to be resolved involve separation and divorce—the creation of co-parenting plans and division of assets. However, the mediation may be more about learning to live together again, following incarceration; how to rebuild relationships with each other or between the newly released person and their children. Re-entry mediation can also be useful for newly released people and their parents or siblings, working to resolve financial conflict, relationship issues or figure out how to support the person’s release by figuring out housing and employment issues.

In addition to the hours of mediation, the parties involved with each re-entry case receive regular follow up support in the year following their mediation process. This program is funded by the Victoria Foundation.

Please call us at 250-383-4412  or email to begin your Re-entry Mediation process.