Youth Reconnection Dialogue (YRD)

Youth Reconnection Dialogue (YRD) provides an opportunity for youth aging or aged out of government care (MCFD foster care, Youth Agreements, etc) to rebuild relationships with estranged family members, such as siblings, parents, extended family, former caregivers or even chosen family. The purpose of these dialogues is to resolve old conflicts, re-establish meaningful connection and plan supports for the youth’s transition to adulthood, such as housing or tuition costs. The dialogues are facilitated by two facilitators—a mediator and a person skilled in restorative justice processes. Regular follow up supports the parties in the year after the process is completed.

The YRD process is youth led; it is the youth who initiates the process and first meetings of facilitators with the youth will include goal setting, and the creation of plans for dealing outcomes of the process. This program is overseen by a Youth Advisory Committee consisting of former youth in care and funded by United Way.

Please call us at 250-383-4412  or email to start your Youth Reconnection Dialogue process.

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